install eco friendly decking tile

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Q The mortar joints surrounding the stones in my walkway are crumbling Can they be patched Nellie Kurtzman, Mount Vernon, NY Martin D Arcy, owner, DNF Construction, replies A stone walkway with cracked mortar is an eyesore and can become a tripping hazard if water gets underneath and loosens the stones.

, Grain bin houses are a unique and sustainable housing option with many benefits Eco Friendly Re purposing an old grain bin is an environmentally conscious choice as it doesn t require new lumber to build It is also unique in that it can be Companies that sell and install bins can usually move them.

, Composite k hours earlier, I had rolled up to the house ready to knock out the deck project Posts were set delivered Piece of cake Started laying the deck, and was a little surprised at the slow going Hm OK, I ll use the special no drill, auto countersink screws Thud Still not getting

, The mat design rolls fluidly from the deck into the pool and planters, enclosing a dining party in an intimate space within the surrounding cityscape or in the suburbs, where a front lawn has for years defined curb appeal, how can you make your landscape more livable now and sustainable for the future

Outdoor solar lights are fast becoming the best alternative to traditional electric powered outdoor lights because they are more environmentally friendly, far more versatile, easier to install and save people a lot of money on their electric bills every single day There are solar outdoor lights available that are suitable for almost

The present invention integrates the use of pre manufactured structures with minimal on site installation and lift slab construction to achieve the construction of multi story buildings The present invention may optionally incorporate several environmentally friendly and or green building practices The present invention

, Another trend roofing contractors should be aware of is the interest in using eco friendly materials for their roofing projects, or switching to an energy efficient material Metal roofs are Some cities even have tax benefits for homeowners or businesses that install a green roof on their homes Look in your

, While the wood decking installed under slate is obviously not fireproof, fires that affect entire neighborhoods are consistently transferred from roof to roof, and homes However, slate roofs may periodically shed a tile or two Sustainability Slate often outlasts buildings themselves and can be recycled.

, It was attractive with an s tile design that I actually kind of liked, but it had to go to make way for the larger porch that was being built in its place I have a claw foot tub out under my deck waiting to be installed in my bath, but the old Roman tube (only deep enough for a foot soak, really) needs to be