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, When considering how to carve out more privacy in your yard, look for ways you can use plants, pergolas, awnings and free standing walls to screen views A fence made of multicolored recycled wood surrounds the deck behind a San Francisco home, creating a private nook for an outdoor dining area.

, Make a Potted Screen Difficulty Level Easy Who doesn t love a container garden Nearly every kind of plant can be grown in a pot and pots aren t permanent, so this is a great option for renters Even a forever home can benefit from this design idea potted plants are a no brainer for adding greenery to

, Take some inspiration from the following ten ways to create your own mediation room, but most importantly, follow your mind and heart, only putting in elements This could be a plant (consider the scent of jasmine), a vase of cut flowers, jars filled with sand and seashells, or even a small water fountain.

, Plant Leyland Cypress trees for screening and privacy Shortly after moving into my home years ago, we planted a lot of Leyland Cypress trees on either side of our home to provide screening and One side of my porch and deck is very private, the other side is kind of close to my neighbor s home.

, The designer of this tiny urban garden in New York City used many sound reducing ideas to create a private oasis The dense vertical planting, location of the sitting area and sound absorbing ground materials all help to block noise Contemporary Patio by et Paik et Paik Plant in vertical layers.

, Create an alluring after dark aura on a patio or deck with container plants that glow white under the stars.

, Imagine stepping off the city streets and coming home to your own private, leafy oasis Perhaps you Contemporary k by Todd Haiman Landscape Design Here, waist high planters provide enough soil and space to support shrubs, flowering perennials, ornamental grasses and even a tomato plant.

, Privacy is a top priority for homeowners with close neighbors, loud sounds from adjacent spaces or less than scenic vistas Plants make excellent privacy screens because they can block noise and unsightly views while also adding color, texture and seasonal interest that only gets better with each growing

A privacy porch serves up a little solitude in this busy hectic world Make your porch private with plants, curtains, decorative lattice panels and landscaping Our unique front porch ideas include ways to create privacy and to hide unsightly objects from view Our front porch pictures will give you lots of ideas.

, You can make just about any outdoor space into a lounge Think carefully about seating and include comfy, inviting options, such as floor cushions, chaises or hammocks Next, work in a few extra features like lush potted plants, outdoor rugs and handy tables to fully flesh out your alfresco room Then sink

The garden has morphed into a wonderful space where they make use of a private deck with beautiful succulents and Podocarpus Henkelii on the side and Silver Sheen Pittosporum in the front The front portion of These plants can get by with watering or days per week depending on the time of the year Other plants

, (no, that is not a typo) private residence on a combined acre lot The build is placing an almost ft high garage wall where an open backyard and trees once stood Not wanting to stare at the side of a warehouse from our back deck, we are considering planting trees to help manage the view.

, In the th and th century, the site was home to the Kingsley Plantation, where visitors can learn about the enslaved people who were forcibly brought to America and worked to provide wealth to the people who owned them Petersburg National Battlefield in Virginia recognizes the U.S Colored Troops

, Plants are indeterminate and bear fruit until frost Seeds and plants are available at SuperSauce tomatoes are so big that it takes only two or three to make a jar of marinara or salsa! Photo courtesty of Burpee Seeds Potted Corn Patch Another Burpee exclusive is One k Corn, a hybrid

, Make use of that extra space in your balcony by placing scented candles, potted plants and flowers This makes your balcony look good and at You may think a barren wall and some flowers and plants don t make a good enough balcony d├ęcor you are wrong You can still make it look great by choosing

, Moroccan light fixtures and easy care Mediterranean plants fill out the patio s corners, provide the homeowners with fresh fruit, and screen unsightly views Terry and Jay Paulson may already live in paradise, but their deck on Hawaii s Big Island provides them with a private spot to sit, relax and read after

, This upper level is occupied by four bedrooms, each with private terraces The master bedroom s deck is particularly large and extends towards the rear garden Valley House by David Guerra Guerra chose a patchwork of materials for inside the house to build a warm and cozy environment .

, Residents of the Neo Bankside apartments threaten legal action, after Tate Modern opens an observation deck that offers views into their private Options included adding one way film across the glass windows of the apartments, installing plants on the viewing deck, or closing one section completely.

, I chose plants based on needing various heights and textures It worked like a charm and we love how there is a mix of herbs, grasses, flowers, and palms An Outdoor Revamp with At Home The Final Look The Fresh Exchange Create various spaces There are three main spaces on our back deck now

The most difficult part of wheelchair gardening, Russ says, is hauling all those milk jugs filled with water through the kitchen to the deck garden Container plants, even ones in big pots, drink gallons of water in the summer heat He s doing a good job, though, as his plants are large, lush and produce plenty of tomatoes,

, Make Outdoor Spaces More Private At the end of a long day, dinner on the deck or a cocktail on the patio can offer welcome respite unless you re sipping that drink under the watchful eyes of Even novice gardeners and landscapers can plant evergreens to create a living, year round privacy screen.

, Tour Glee alum Dianna Agron s hidden LA compound for a taste of her eclectic style and a private deck that requires a daily pool party Tour Dianna Agron s pool party perfect LA estate Dianna Agron s private estate is pool party perfect Author Zillow Read also Beautiful indoor plant trends for

, Phone booths outside the offices provide a place for private calls The offices are filled with plants to help aid productivity of members, acoustic panels will dampen noise and windows can be opened to let in fresh air Mortimer House by AvroKO The members lounge on floor is based upon the idea of

, The scent of mint, fruit, and even chocolate can block the receptors that the bugs use to find us Since many plants give off these fragrances, why not plant them around your yard or put some pots of them on your deck or patio to ward off the biters It won t magically make the area a bug free zone, but it may