lightweight walkways hollow decking system

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The present invention relates to a floating wharf structure made up of concrete float units and in which the Walkway is provided by the surfaces of the float units In accordance with the present invention the above and other objects are accomplished by providing a float unit in the form of a waterproof hollow box whose top,

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The activated fly ash compositions described in this application may interact with the traditional foaming systems used to entrain air and thereby make lightweight boards U.S Patent No ,, to Brook et al disclose a cementitious composition containing parts by weight (pbw) of a hydraulic cement such as

The board has a hollow interior, as the honeycomb sheets do not extend through the full thickness of board This approach The surfboard comprises a lightweight core comprising a honeycomb material, and a skin enclosing the lightweight core between a deck portion of the skin and a bottom portion of the skin The skin

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This invention relates to a system for removing snow and ice accumulation from concrete surfaces, and, more particularly, to a heated bridge deck system and the In addition to natural melting and traffic movement, approaches to removing ice from paved roads and walkways traditionally involve mechanical treatments

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This vertical structure is to be used to installation of the elevator system to fix built in modules such as a sanitary cell, through which the later occupied by the elevator To facilitate installation and minimize the space requirement in the building, the multi function shaft frame should be as light as possible and have small

,, filed , , entitled Multiple Catalyst System for Olefin Polymerization and Polymers Produced Therefrom polyethylene and polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene terphthalate, polyvinyl chloride, kraft paper, polymers, laminates, latex saturated papers, foil, litho stock, lightweight stock, styrene foam,

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A lightweight concrete float having a concrete shell surrounding either a hollow or buoyant foam core The shell This weakness manifests itself in an inability to withstand breaking up of the float responsive to stresses imparted by strong tidal action or vessels and in poor wearing qualities principally on deck walkways.

Another object of the present invention is to provide an elevated or raised floor panel system in which each panel comprises a concrete core .covered on at are of identical construction to the panels previously described but with the exception that the cores are made of lightweight and preferably expanded concrete.

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Furthermore, the aforementioned systems for tying the concrete slabs together have the disadvantage that the insulating layer, which may be preformed with openings traversed by the tie members, It has already been observed that the slabs can be used to form facades, roofs and load supporting walkways and floors.

The transfer slab is a lightweight reinforced concrete slab, for example of the type marketed under the registered trade mark Bubblek The slab contains a plurality of void formers , in the form of hollow plastic spheres, arrayed within a lattice of reinforcing bars (not shown in FIG ) The reinforcing bars and void

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This invention relates to a system for removing snow and ice accumulation from concrete surfaces, and, more particularly, to a heated bridge deck system and the materials Ice accumulation on paved surfaces is not merely a concern for motorists icing of pedestrian walkways accounts for countless personal injuries, some

A final feature of an embodiment is the open grid construction of the bridge deck, which permits rain and light to reach the stream and plantings on the engineered The stream crossing systems described above use a plurality of geosynthetic bags, secured against movement, to form a stable, durable retaining wall at the