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, The great news was, that Dallin (our concrete guru) was willing to bring all the tools (besides the mixer which we rented) coach us through the prep work, and teach me while we installed the patio so that I could attempt to do this on my own in the future Which was a great experience for future reference!

Measure between the main perimeter beams at each end of the room On a miter saw, cut two xs inches too long Using the deadman, hold a rough cut board overlapping the main beams at each end, and mark where it crosses a beam at one end, as shown To mark its back edge, lay the board face to the wall Use a

Once you find an outdoor ceiling fan you love, you can use our How to Install a Ceiling Fan video and guide to help ensure the installation process is smooth and Covered k The Ellington Knightsbridge s unique aesthetics creates a beautiful centerpiece for any room The elegant glass cover helps brighten the

, Did you buy a fence, install a patio or deck, or remodel a room in your home this year If so, it s possible that Keri had the following expenses in one year , kitchen remodel, to re cover a sofa, deck stain, furnace and duct cleaning, and computer repair The unadjusted basis of

any depressions in the yard The tractor is also used to excavate dirt for the concrete driveway in the front yard and paver patio in the backyard To accommodate the of base material, of sand, and to thick pavers needed for the patio a total of to of dirt had to be removed from the yard Watch this video to find

lines if a sprinkler is hit by lawn equipment The water supply lines run to a central manifold which contains valves to control the water flow to each part of the yard A low voltage signal from a controller mounted on the side of the house is used to open and close the valves on the manifold Watch this video to find out more.

From the roof and eaves to the siding and windows, the outside of your home needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to keep it in good condition Watch Wood Siding Find out how to remove and replace rotten wood or fiberboard siding I need to replace some rotten wood, I need to fix the trim, obviously paint.

If you have any damaged weatherstripping, replace it Grab a caulking gun, a few tubes of caulk Seal up any crack that you can find outside your home, because that will make a big difference in your heating costs, because it will prevent that cold air from really influencing your heating system Now, speaking of your heating

, When the warm weather comes around it s great to make the most of your backyard, but with our harsh sun sometimes you want a little extra sun shade, and this This Easy As guide shows you how to put up a shade sail which is attached to the side of a house, and over an existing deck We also install a

Find out how to improve the ventilation in your attic by installing soffit vents under the eaves of your house Watch this Attic ventilation reduces heat buildup, which in return cuts cooling costs and prolongs the life of asphalt shingle roofs Move any insulation out of the way that is covering the hole or blocking attic access.

How to Build a Porch Roof Narrative of shed style and truss style roof construction, from installing the rafter plate to setting your beam and rafters Calculate rise and run Explore porch construction books gable front porch roof on home Porch Roof Construction Ideas Aspects of roof construction and material selection along

, Pro Tip Even though I describe this as a x deck, it will actually measure a few inches shy of If the homeowners had truly wanted a deck, it would require Steve to purchase composite boards since they re being installed diagonally, and that jumps the price up significantly By making