composite wood wall paneling system

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

More particularly, the present invention relates to construction methods and systems using reinforced concrete panels that are cast on site and then tilted up to form exterior walls that are structurally sound yet aesthetically attractive BACKGROUND After more than a century of refinement, tilt up concrete construction is a

A cross section depicting a wood frame wall upon which thin brick veneer (thin set procedure) is installed is shown in FIG The backing material may be masonry, concrete, steel or wood stud framing Another thin brick mounting system is the EZ Wall Panel System, from American Brick Company, Detroit Mich.

After the concrete has cured, the resultant system comprised of steel joists, steel decking, stand off screws, and concrete, act together to form a composite In some embodiments, the supporting member that supports the joist is comprised of a metal stud, a wood stud, a masonry wall, a concrete wall, a metal beam, or a

In a framed wall, a first and second panel are positioned on the wall to define parallel edges Accordingly, this trim system must be handled in a different way through the use of the adjustable reveal strip of the present disclosure But some composite materials may be vulnerable along the marginal edge .

The modular curtainwall system comprises a unit frame and a cassette EB Curtain walls comprising panels directly attached to the structure The modular curtainwall system of claim , wherein the in fill cassette comprises glass, glass with operable mini blinds, stone, metal, composite, treated wood, simulated

FIG D illustrates how Embodiment is used for the support of concrete topped deep profiled composite deck floor system The deep profiled composite deck bears on top of the load bearing wall below Closure panels are fitted to the deep profile metal deckfor concrete stop The next lift of load bearing wall