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, Among the common complaints about flying are lousy service, cramped seats, yucky food (if any), egregious add on fees, frequent delays and cancellations, and a general impression that one is less a customer than a herd animal But! If we airline customers have demonstrated anything over the past few

, The American Airlines Airbus A at DFW on Wednesday The strong fleet American has ordered aims to set a high bar for both comfort and amenities and will service mostly domestic routes out of Dallas to start These new A s will have all leather seats, WiFi and in seat entertainment throughout

, The airline s A and A wide bodies are slightly more modern and spacious, plus they feature inch wide economy seats All of these aircraft fly long distance international routes, and are thus fleshed out with Delta s full entertainment offerings, among the best in North America Sweetening

, Unlike economy plus and preferred seats that just offer additional legroom, premium economy seats on long haul flights feature dimensions similar to those of the recliners that domestic first class passengers are familiar with in the US At to inches wide, these seats offer enough space to truly have an

, Also keep in mind that many of the major airlines field a vast variety of aircraft and seat sizes and amenities can differ widely from one airplane to another, AIRLINES AND PREMIUM ECONOMY OFFERINGS American American s Main Cabin Extra seats offer more legroom American Main Cabin Extra.

, Update An AA representative clarified that the airline will be installing Main Cabin Extra seats on the As, though two will be reserved for Compared to the similarly arranged , the cabin will be a bit tighter as the A s cabin width is about a foot smaller than the Dreamliner.

, Seating plans just emerged from American Airlines newest retrofit, and they definitely left us scratching our heads.

, What s even more worrying (and yes, we worry) is the fact that if this works, inches between seats may become the standard, forcing budget airlines to compete by cutting off even more legroom We already pay for checked bags (American was the first to introduce those fees), how long before we re

At the end of the seat first class cabin was a galley, followed by business class lie flat seats in a configuration of five rows american Each seat had inches of pitch and was about inches wide, with a bed length of between and inches More comfortable than

, As more and more airlines offer seating that isn t quite Business class, but is better than Economy, we decided to compare this new class to Economy We looked to SeatGuru for the seating measurements on Boeing s or the equivalent Airbus As on six popular airlines Delta, United, American,

, There s now four different seating versions of American Airlines Boeing each with its own pros and cons Here s how to tell them apart.

, Are all airplane seats the same width In a word, No! There is often a significant disparity in the width of seats in different classes of seats in planes, and in the width of seats between planes and airlines For example, on American Airlines Airbus A V Transcon, the width of first class seats is inches,

, The latest carrier to deploy rear facing seats, American Airlines began putting them on certain s that it was retrofitting, as well as on its order of new Dreamliners However, after a However, you can t lower the armrest in the rear facing seats, so you re stuck with the narrower dimensions.

, Each seat is inches wide, with most seats offering inches of pitch Both measurements are on the small side, and the legroom is scant, including by Norwegian Air s own standards In comparison, the airline offers a pitch of inches in its economy cabin, and a relatively luxurious

, American s AT features a three cabin configuration, including this first class cabin First Class First class aboard the AT has lie flat seats in a configuration of five rows Each seat has inches of pitch and is inches wide, with a bed length of inches Though it s the only first class you ll

, American Airlines was the second US airline to get the MAX, taking delivery in late tember of its first of aircraft it ordered (They re all MAX variants the jet comes in four sizes, from MAX to MAX , seating up to plus passengers.) But, the world s largest airline waited to take its second

Mar , Virgin America Seat pitch ranges from , depending on the aircraft, and seat width is about inches Hawaiian Airlines Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A planes have up to inches of seat pitch and a seat width of inches American Airlines Economy They don t offer dimensions, but in our

, American Airlines Personal item includes purse, briefcase, laptop bag OR a similar item such as a tote The personal item must be smaller than your carry on bag and must fit under the seat in front of you Additional items that will be allowed above and beyond the restrictions listed above include

, American Airlines is pouring plenty of resources into bringing new aircraft into its fleet and retiring its old aircraft Its newest planes are modern and provide power at every seat That said, the airline has made some puzzling retrofit decisions The old US Airways As and As got new seat covers and

, While two of the three major legacy airlines American and Delta are putting the equivalent of long haul international premium economy on some of The seats While Economy Plus seats are the same width as normal economy seats, which range from about inches, they offer inches of

Mar , Have you ever been stuck in a middle seat when there were window and aisle seats available Here s your guide to the confusing world of AA seating options.

Mar , Using data from TripAdvisor s SeatGuru as well as from airlines themselves, we ve compiled a rundown of the amount of seat pitch offered in the economy class cabins of America s major airlines This includes the nation s three major legacy carriers along with boutique airlines such as JetBlue and Virgin

, The width measures at and is the same width as the seat in Business Class on the same aircraft All of the ERs offer personal TVs with Audio Video On Demand (AVOD) in all cabins, along with WiFi (for purchase) and power ports American Airlines Global First Class Image Courtesy of

Mar , If you have an existing reservation in Main Cabin and would like to sit in a new Premium Economy seat, you can call AA s reservations desk to assist you the airline will waive the change fee associated with making a change, though you ll still likely be paying more out of pocket given the prices we re

, American Airlines (Airbus A) First Seat pitch Width Main Cabin Extra Seat pitch Width Economy Seat pitch Width Virgin America First Seat pitch Width Main Cabin Select Seat pitch Width Economy Seat pitch Width Spirit.

, A side view of the new Southwest seats How Do These New Seats Measure Up Against Other U.S Carriers Width As Southwest claims, their new seat will in fact be the widest on the market for a plane Southwest (new seat) inches Alaska inches Delta inches American inches