meaning of setback regarding retaining walls

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For projects such as routine retaining walls, patio covers or carports, the city has standard specifications that can be followed within certain limitations However, there is mention of a setback rule which also needs to be checked out if you decide to build a detached pergola somewhere out further in your yard A setback

, It results that the ambience at this space is perceived as placed on the surface and not as a typical undergrounded one The storage, m, has an inner perimeter inscribed in the previous floor The setback from the boundaries avoids the use of both double high retaining walls and excavation on the

, The new laws created sections applicable to cities and villages that only require the establishment of shoreland setbacks for such areas as a principal structure or any accessory structure including a garage, shed, boathouse, sidewalk, stairway, walkway, patio, deck, retaining wall, porch, or fire pit..

, This draft EIS identifies five alternatives that meet the requirements that include constructing a , sf Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) complex that complies with anti terrorism force protection setbacks as well as finding spaces for various support facilities currently housed in Building But, in an

The invention can utilize continuous footers and retaining flanges for holding the wall segments The present invention may also comprise a support structure for retaining a wall system comprising precast column member component means having a base portion and a leg portion S=setback between tier layers .

, Built by Dualchas Architects in Morar, United Kingdom with date Images by Andrew Lee The site is located three miles South of Mallaig, overlooking the White Sands of Morar, with the Small Isles of Rum,

Its name probably derives from the retaining walls that had to be built when the Road was improved in by cutting more deeply into the slope on the south west All of the Pylle Hill fields were under pasture in and were leased to a George Wise who had a house set back from the Wells Road in the region of

Usage for area fencing for animal containment, for privacy fencing, for limited privacy screening, for noise control, for roadway collision safety and for building wall protection are disclosed Avoidance of collection and stagnation of water from rain, snow and sprinkling, is disclosed The use of the tread portion of waste tires,

, EMBLEM There s one obvious new sprout on lower th, and that is the nearly topped out construction of a new condo building on the southeast corner of th We had some major setbacks with our build out, but can t wait to serve the community some old school deck oven pizza and delicious antipasti!

Each element bears against one or more other similar elements and has a recess arranged in an outer face for casting a concrete assembly capping piece and reinforcements Each element describes a similar civil engineering structure having elements that bear against on another by means of projecting walls.

, In this image, you can see that the original design included a tall cast in place concrete wall that ran along the front yard setback line We also You can see that there isn t easy access to the yard in place and the concrete retaining wall (shown on the right hand side of the image) is still fairly awkward.

Also integrally formed as a part of the coping are means to secure the coping at the top of a swimming pool wall As such, for example, is a cover or dome to enclose the water in the pool and prevent debris from falling into the pool when it is not in use or for the purpose of retaining heat in the pool water such as during

Ferrocement structures and the method for producing them comprising providing a load bearing framework, covering the framework with a strong flexible sheet like ,, to Bini discloses the application of reinforcing means and concrete over a collapsed, sheet like, expandable form which is then inflated and

A mortarless concrete block retaining wall is formed from special blocks arranged in set back tiers and interlocked by special offset pins , this is shown as identical to block described above, except for the vertical hole means which are specially contoured to facilitate constructing walls with relatively small radius

B reinforced retaining walls having a slope from to degrees B moderate to low loaded pavements, railways, and parking yards where a geocell is to be matched to the level sufficient for the given application (sufficient level means the calculated value multiplied by commonly used safety or reduction factors),

FC Arming means in fuzes Safety means for preventing premature detonation of fuzes or charges wherein a carrier for an element of the pyrotechnic or of setback force, and thereby the displacement of said rotor carrier to said aftmost station, and during the application of centrifugal force, for retaining said rotor

You ll need to identify the proposed location with dimensions on a plan of the property to ensure that it meets required structure setbacks from property lines and In most all residential districts Home Occupations are only permitted as a special exception, which means that approval has to come through the Zoning Board of

, Its provisions were amended times, including changes in permissible storeys for a new building, setbacks, minimum plot area, FAR, constructions in some A retaining wall at the site where massive digging was done, next to the heritage Holly Lodge, the CM s private bungalow, caved in after the rains.

The present invention provides an improved method of installing a wall of polymer or plastic material, particularly vinyl material, for retaining earth or water a wall system that includes a wall structure formed by vertically arranged vinyl sheet piles, steel beams placed underground and set back from the wall structure that

Corrugated steel sheet piles are common in earth work as temporary or permanent load bearing and retaining walls Specific Prior Art Provide means and apparati for utilizing readily available decking panels, initially having normal factory straight cut ends, for a new use as foundation walls These foundation walls

A stackable masonry unit having male and female elements that cooperate with complementary female and male elements on identical, opposing, adjoining units to EB Walls having cavities between, as well as in, the elements Walls of elements each consisting of two or more parts, kept in distance by means of

The first design feature relies on the amount of setback between courses or rows of blocks to allow construction of a plantable wall Another object of the present invention is to provide a plantable retaining wall block with minimal setback that uses interlocking means that do not require the use of a separate pin or spacing