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, For those of you trying to renovate your home to achieve more natural light into interior spaces, think about removing (non load bearing) walls This will bring in more light and will make your home feel more spacious .) Assess your entertaining needs with an open floor plan If you love to have guests over

Mar , we decided to continue this amazing display with open floor plan living rooms that are very much in agreement with the modern interior design trends Not too long ago, our writer Ronique wrote a post called The Pros and Cons of Having an Open Floor Plan Home, where she mentioned how today the

, Here are bird s eye views of modern living rooms to inspire you to create the perfect living room layout for your own home Not only have natural elements been included in the interior of this space, like the floor lamp, wooden coffee table, and flowers on the table, the large windows also make use of

, Defining kitchens in open floor plans Every time a bell rings, an interior wall gets knocked down OK, maybe not that frequently but it seems like the open floor plan has dominated homes in recent years, and not all homeowners love it And some are going the other way, seeking some sort of delineation of

Mar , The floor plan is perfectly balanced between the open social space and the secluded private rooms Try to imagine how it feels like to take a tour of the apartment Extensively renovated, the dwelling welcomes you with a wide and airy hallway that connects almost every room in the house Once you take a

, If you want to be ahead of the curve, check out this list of ways to incorporate marble into your interior design We ll walk you Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a spacious single family home, this type of floor plan opens up the space and leaves it feeling less stuffy and confined However

, Do you know that out of all flooring options, vinyl and carpet pose the biggest threat to the environment and the air you breathe everyday in your home percent of carpet in the United States is made from nylon which is petroleum based Not only is this a non renewable resource, it harbors allergens and

As we have explored before, the Japanese style interior design aesthetic is highly tied to the idea of minimalism and negative space for the inner terrace as well as furnishings and flooring, is distinctly aligned with the Japanese aesthetic, giving the entire space a warm and cozy glow Advertisement Modern Home Plan

, Since Japanese interior design has this tranquil decorating touch perfected, let s look at ways to add some of this becalming style into your home today You may want to visit Try bringing these natural wooden elements into your home by adding a bamboo floor, or wooden screen You will love the

, Interior design experts predict floral prints in bold, contrasting colors will make a big comeback in , particularly on large billowing fabrics, like drapery, From bold colored geometric tiles to soft herringbone style hardwoods, expect to see fab floors everywhere next year, especially in bathrooms and

Measuring in at sq ft there s lots to love about this modern house idea beyond its sp ling size Inside, open volumes and glass bridges running overhead let light flow freely between floors, enhancing the home s awesome sense of space Interior Curtains Design for Glass House Privacy and Energy Saving.

, Your living room is where the social part of the home life takes place, a space designed to be used as you decide entertaining, spending time with family, skateboarding, watching TV, or waiting for Santa Claus while enjoying the jolly fireplace entertaining system The following examples will help you

, If you like this idea, there is nothing stopping you from buying a whole bunch of shoelaces and tying them together in order to create a playful flooring design item This is a cool idea that can be implemented outdoors as well as inside a home, in order to spice up the look of the hallway for example.