terraced wood retaining wall

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Completed in in Barcelona, Spain Images by AdriĆ  Goula INTRODUCTION The clients needed a small restoration of a house built in and, specially, the creation of a new space to work The building was

, Double layered retaining walls lining the edges of the properties add an extra level of insulation against the humid soil, and are used to d cool air into the interiors The double wall arrangement also contributes to the structure of the buildings and results in a space used to house the main services,

, On the lowest level, the stone wall provides the backdrop for the south facing infinity pool and large garden to make the most of sea views, including a Greek island house that features a series of staggered parallel spaces and a Malibu home with a large terrace covered with a latticed wooden canopy.

, The house sits on top of an existing stone retaining wall that forms a plinth for a terrace overlooking the sea The living areas open onto this The house s timber framework supports a glue laminated wooden roof structure topped with panels of aluminium zinc coated sheet steel The simple construction

, Home ? Terrace Garden ? What to Know About Adding a k to Your Yard A deck is a platform with decking boards, usually made of either wood or a composite material Doing a patio on a sloped lot is costlier and much more difficult, because retaining walls must be built to create a level surface.

Building a retaining wall is at the top of many to do lists, so we asked our experts for their tips on retaining walls Get started on So we asked our experts for their DIY retaining wall ideas to help you create a sturdy and stylish structure for leveling your landscape a retaining wall that demonstrates the backyard terrace.