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, I stayed here at Cow Camp , tending the cows, checking calves, fences, and gates while making sure the bulls stayed with the cows Every time we It s hard for Sam and me to find time to do anything outside of ranching, but it s especially challenging during the fall, one of the busiest times of year.

, So I backtracked past the Valero, underneath the moaning John Muir Parkway, to a trailhead that doubles as a park and ride Pretend that you can t see or hear any sign of man s traffic or development from here, a National Park Service bulletin board encouraged That s the environment Muir would have

We re the first major Internet services company to gain external certification of our high environmental, workplace safety and energy management standards throughout our data centers Specifically, we received voluntary ISO , OHSAS and ISO certifications In a nutshell, these standards are built around

, When , elk queue up to move down from the high country, their column becomes an organism itself, driven to wintering grounds by deep instincts Routine and There is a focused conservation interest. Melia with They damage fences, get in the way of zooming cars, eat crops and spread disease.

, The Trump administration has until Monday to notify protected Hondurans and Nicaraguans whether or not their TPS designation will be extended something it s signaled it won t do Related Story What Happens Now That The Border Barrier Prototypes Are Done Administration officials point out that the

At the event location, event attendees are provided with temporary authorization and access to the mobile entertainment environment and subsequently entertained Additional features of the entertainment environment include security cameras, exterior video displays for the benefit of attendees not in the trailer, stabilizers

, High Country News founder Tom Bell in the Wyoming landscape he is still fighting to protect Bradly J Boner The old From here, he fathered not only HCN, but also the state s leading environmental group, the Wyoming Outdoor Council, which he founded years ago They are his legacy to the West,

, My dog has received baths in the last four days one for every time she has callously pushed over my children, jumped very high fences, and clawed her way through wire for the distinct privilege of chewing on fawn stomach My shoes are permanently wet and yet have simultaneously frozen into a

, Last summer, Fort Berthold mineral owners filed their own suit, accusing the U.S of failing to protect tribal members economic interests Among the Recently, when the Environmental Protection Agency approved a permit for the tribe to build an oil refinery on the reservation, she appealed the decision.

The heartbreaking tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School is likely resonating with families and perhaps even with some of our students at the elementary level As educators of Firstly, it is paramount to us that children, staff, and families feel that Center School is a safe, caring, and nurturing environment It is also

, On Thursday, I joined a growing chorus of voices calling for parents to stop punishing their children particularly through the employment of timeouts Unless safety is an issue (which it will be if it s degrees below zero outside) or it s something that the child doesn t have the forethought to care about

, Outside Magazine and the Los Angeles Times gave it glowing reviews A dog drives a horse to jump a barbed wire fence A veterinarian and various Bureau of Land Management officials talk about how hard it is to protect public lands from overgrazing while still conserving the mustang as an American

, Founded on utopian ideas, the town of Pullman, Illinois, provided workers with a safe community, a better standard of living and an environment free of The Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site in Arkansas is a powerful reminder of the turbulent struggle over school desegregation In

, On a e morning, Scott White and a colleague from his agency, the state Water Resources Department, park their pickup near a green pasture and barn outside Bly, Ore A rancher, his wife and son meet the government men at the gate, their faces tight with barely suppressed anger Low snowpack and

, The Children s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) specifically requires schools and libraries to block or filter Internet access to pictures and material that are Maria Salmeron, a junior at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School just outside Washington, D.C uses Facebook in student organizing as a leader in the

Mar , Republican Congressman Will Hurd, also from San Antonio, said Trump s border wall was not the best way to create national security I could not help but notice, however, that the bridge is secured with a twelve foot tall chain link fence to keep pedestrians from jumping over the rail and onto U.S soil.

, Infant mortality among Wyoming s native population the number of Indian kids who never get to celebrate their first birthdays is, at deaths per Social, economic and environmental risk conditions those factors outside an individual s genetic makeup or personal choices, and largely beyond

, Sometime on ober , a mule deer doe stopped grazing in the aspen and pine covered hills along Jack Creek, just outside the Little Jenny Ranch As Jet made her fall migration, Wyoming Game and Fish commission met some miles away in Laramie to debate protection for wildlife routes like the

, It s not like I can go to Home Depot and find some temporary barrier Even if he could, it s quite possible that You might think the county would have higher priorities too, like getting the lights back on for Miami Dade s , homes and businesses still without power County officials don t see it that way.

, For the last years, the Harshfields have run cattle and grown hay on their acre spread, located just outside Wallowa, a burg of people nestled between the granite mountains of the Eagle Cap Wilderness and ODFW will give property owners alfalfa seed, fencing and netting to keep elk away.

, The act won t dent Trump s wall, especially since the Department of Homeland Security has waived the law to expand border fences in the past His hiring freeze will make it harder for federal agencies to manage natural resources, his plans to neuter the Environmental Protection Agency will make our air

, Minnehaha Academy s upper campus has a new, temporary home the former Sanford Brown College in Mendota Heights The Mendota Heights City Council on Wednesday unanimously voted to give the Minneapolis private school an interim use permit after a gas explosion damaged its high school

, An anti immigration group targeted Morrison Child and Family Services on its website, prompting immigrant advocates to respond with a welcome rally In the spring, ICE operated one family detention center in Pennsylvania it has since opened two more temporary shelters in New Mexico and Texas.

, Even if a young woman ends up in a safe or protected situation in Europe, she believes the juju oath will haunt her family in Nigeria and bring them bad advantage of the offer of protection under Article of Italy s Consolidated Immigration Act, by which a woman is offered a temporary residence permit if

, Instead of offering big timber sales to outside contractors, Lopez helped craft a program to offer small plots of forest a couple acres called a After several large timber projects were halted in the early s by opposition from locals and environmental groups, Lopez and his boss revamped their approach.

, Minutes earlier, a perimeter camera had caught an image of intrudersnot workmenbreaching an eight foot high security fence around the sensitive facility outside Knoxville, Tenn But the guard operating the camera had missed it A different camera stationed over another fencealso breached by the

, As the guide directed us toward the gift shop, where a bottle of wolf fur cost four bucks, she tossed a biscuit over the fence Prior to the passage of the federal Endangered Species Act, which protected wild wolves beginning that year, people openly stole wolf pups from dens to supply the fur industry

, Just over a month into its new session, the th Congress has already taken a sledgehammer to environmental safeguards that protect people, Congress is resurfacing its old grudge against gray wolves, while also clandestinely erecting a barrier to Americans ability to take their government to court.

, Finally tonight What was seen as a temporary fix to overcrowded schools in the U.S now appears to present unintended long term costs in dollars and children s health Special correspondent Katie Campbell of KCTS Seattle has this report She works for the environmental public media project EarthFix.

, Sandpits appear to be commonplace in Australian school grounds and outdoor spaces If a child arrives at school without the suitable clothing, then the child is expected to play in the areas, such as the sand pit, where shade is provided Another option is the use of tyres to create temporary sandpits.