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, Sportsmail s panel of rugby experts plus enthusiasts from other fields give their views on whether underdogs Scotland can upset England in the Pool B decider When they get their attacking systems right they are very dangerous but against Argentina they bombed gilt edged opportunities to score.

, The oldest Railway Locomotive in the world, outrageous th century fashions, decorative artworks and the oldest British aircraft in existence Meet some of the stunning objects on display in the revamped National Museum of Scotland.

, An advisory panel of cancer experts at the Food and Drug Administration unanimously backed the one time treatment at a meeting on Wednesday The technique, developed by the University of Pennsylvania and artis Corp, is called CAR T therapy, and is designed for use in children and adults with

, Some of the British workers were told they were being made redundant after receiving a text message at the end of their shift at BAE Systems Portsmouth dockyard Many other Britons left their homes in Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool to work on the aircraft carriers Six shipyards around

, Living Bricks, Rachel Armstrong, Newcastle University, LIAR, energy generating walls, The project is a collaborative effort between Newcastle University and experts from the universities of the West of England (UWE Bristol), Trento, the Spanish National Research Council, LIQUIFER Systems Group and

Mar , A federal advisory panel admitted cannabis can almost certainly ease chronic pain, and might help some people sleep But it dismisses most of the drug s other supposedly medical benefits as unproven Crucially, the researchers concluded there is not enough research to say whether marijuana effectively

, The bacterial actin homolog MreB controls various processes, including cell wall synthesis, membrane organization and polarity establishment Here we show that the two systems genetically interact and that components of the Sec system, especially the SecA motor protein, are essential for spatiotemporal

Serve your guests in grand style with this Mrs Potts Sculpted Ceramic Teapot that looks like it s walked straight out of the animated version of Beauty and the Beast But you don t need guests just pour yourself a cup!

, The stores aren t as sophisticated as Amazon s shop, using RFID tags scanned at a standard self checkout machine rather than AI tracking systems At about , square feet ( square Dave Jonnaz, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, United Kingdom, month ago this is so, so wrong it has to be stopped

PCT Publications WO and WO teach expression of Newcastle Disease Virus HN or Avian Influenza A turkey Wisconsin (HN) in transformed NT I (tobacco) cells in In mammalian or baculovirus cell systems, for example, influenza buds from the plasma membrane (Quan et al ).

, A spokesperson for the company said The HeWee Go Active fits securely onto the wearer and, unlike medical urination systems, can be washed and reused again and again It comes with an adjustable support belt of up to inches, but for those with a larger waist, they can order a ten inch extension

, The vessel, known as SoelCat , will be able to travel at up to six knots in virtual silence using just solar panels and knots when its twin kW Our marine grade lithium polymer battery systems weigh in at just kg per kWh and we can remotely monitor all electric propulsion system vitals worldwide via

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, Evoke Projects designed the offices of human resources company Skildare, located in Newcastle, Australia Skildare is Wood grains, soft materials, acoustic panels and various seating options were used in contrast to the exposed concrete ceiling and overall industrial appearance of the building Design

Mar , Prostate cancer tests should be offered to younger men, leading doctors say Official guidelines say that unless men are already showing symptoms, they can only get a blood test over the age of But a panel of British experts has called for the £ test to be available to men ten years younger.

, If weight loss continues to be a struggle, there could be a number of factors at play Australian nutritionist Kate Save reveals some of the issues that can hold people back from losing weight.

, The findings could one day be used by Artificial Intelligence systems to look at our faces and warn us if we are about to get ill, researchers said The researchers also say it helps The compound contained is a complex sugar used by bacteria to build their cell walls When detected in our bodies, our

, particularly if it shows signs of pink eye or respiratory illness Dr Gordon added We love our pets, but we ve got to be smart about pets and pet hygiene We should be washing our hands after pet contact, and certain high risk people like those with compromised immune systems should avoid contact

Other councils which have implemented or are committed to adopting new mph limits include Portsmouth, Oxford, Bristol, Newcastle, Warrington, Sheffield, York, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Brighton Hove, Leicester, Cambridge, Coventry, Bath North East Somerset, Darlington, Wigan, Rochdale, Shipley,

, Ikea is to sell supersize rechargeable batteries that can be linked to solar panels The batteries are small enough to fit on a kitchen wall and start at £, Installing both a battery with a solar To date, solar systems have been flawed in that much of the electricity generated on sunny days is not needed.

, Users order the specific testing panels online, complete the test, mail it to a pre selected lab and results are delivered electronically within a few days Based in Los Angeles, STD rates are rising, and many of the country s systems for preventing STDs have eroded We must mobilize, rebuild and expand

, Residents of the Russian city of St Petersburg have been left baffled by mysterious blue snow that has fallen there, with many concerned it was due to toxic chemicals in the atmosphere.

, As we previously reported, the U.S Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration implemented Part , or Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems rules, bringing some eagerly awaited clarity to the industry The regulations don t allow for commercial use of drones at night, flying of

, Scientists suspect that natural feeding s effects on hormones may have protective effects, and that choosing not to breastfeed may upset the balance of a woman s systems The new research, spanning years of data reported not just by the women themselves, but by their doctors, bolstered theories that