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, Rammed earth walls make use of the excavated earth while wood from a pine tree from the site is embedded in the concrete courtyard walls Gyeonggi do,korea Earth House by BCHO Architects Program Library, Meditation Site area . Gross floor area . Total floor area .

, Completed in in Gangneung si, South Korea Images by Jongseok Byeon The client came to visit in the situation when the existing Korean traditional house should be partially demolished as it become an obstacle to the

, Cards and ornaments using an embossed dancheong design have also featured in her recent output, but her most recent innovation has been to upcycle unused jangpanji () which is hanji treated with linseed and soya oil and used as a floor covering in houses with wooden floors and ondol.

This project Roll House by Moon Hoon which is located in South Korea is a brilliant idea by the architect Moon Hoon who has made sure that the owners of this house Structure Wood structure, RC Under the theme of long and large, each independent space was shaped not by walls but the difference on floor levels.

, The clips shared by the year old, from Seoul, have been viewed times The unlikely social media star has now attracted Instagram followers.

, This courtyard is the more open of the two, allowing the owners to chat with neighbours as they make their way to the front door or to utility spaces including a laundry and wood workshop Rooftop bridge connects riverside house and roadside cafe in a South Korean valley The second courtyard is

Mar , For the first place through entrance, void designed with squared mirror lights taking advantage of height of story and the graphic banner on natural wood finished wall to make it eye catching brand point The st floor(SHOP AREA ) is planned for sales of various brand shoes or miscellaneous items

, The , square foot renovation of Seoul, South Korea s Galleria Luxury Hall West comprised three women s floors, one men s floor and a homewares floor A complete departure from typical South Korean shopping mall retail made up almost entirely of shop in shops, with very little brand identity to

, The ground floor unveils a glass and wood structure, extended with a deck The emerald green scenery reflected in the water, the pebble stones and vegetation complete the site Due to the project s location, the architects have chosen to welcome glimpses of the environment, letting unpretentious wild

, Still, North Korea has never tested an ICBM, so there is a fair amount of educated guessing going on in and outside of several governments about when, where, and how North Korea might make its debut The easiest way to find out would be if North Korea issued a notice to airmen, known as a NOTAM.

, Built by shinslab architecture,IISAC in Gapyeong gun, South Korea with date Images by Jin Hyo Sook The Light of Life Chapel can be found at the end of the SeolGok Road on the south side of the Bori mountain, in Gap

Mar , They offer homemade sandwich, Panini and tea Hall space ( sqm py) is work, in which Patricia Urquiola and Mutina are collaborated, of Azulej collection, combination of patterns It shows each different characteristics and taste by covering its classical wood flooring and highlights a

, Pork Chop might have been visible from there had I known what to look for The previous autumn, while living for a few months in Berlin, with its own history of division, I first logged on to Google Earth and rode satellite images down to the coordinates provided by the Korean War Project In , its founder,

, more than years after construction began, the hansol museum in korea by tadao ando opened its doors to the public on may th, adjacent to the upon entering the expansive , m site one is greeted by the flower garden where hundreds of thousands of red blooms have been planted,

, previously, timber structures commissioned by korea forest service have been unsuccessful in attracting visitors to wood museums, as the structures have been somewhat generic in an attempt to spruce up its image, soft architecture lab s mokyeonri wood museum enables visitors to experience wood

, Home to the best of Nike s running, football, basketball, sportswear, SB and Jordan divisions have to offer, the store also showcases the brand s women s and football product while the brand s commitment to sustainability is illustrated with wood flooring recycled from Korea University s basketball court.

Hanok is composed of two basic elements wooden structure and Giwa, soil baked roof tile Also, ondol and maru were specifically designed to respectably warm the winter and cool the summer Ondolheated rock systemheats the floor and rooms thoroughly during cold winters, and maru keeps the house cool during

, This museum in Incheon, South Korea, is dedicated to teaching visitors about wood and features moving timber screens that create effects similar to dappled sunlight filtering through trees Seoul architecture studio Soft Architecture Lab designed the Wood Culture Museum for a site in Incheon Grand Park,

, The strange dwelling is lifted at its southern edge and features a shaded wooden terrace for contemplating nature Its interiors are bright and open, and the incline allows for additional floor space, making room for guests and their extensive library The floors are wooden and the walls are painted white,

Mar , In contrast with the building s stark white exterior, concrete surfaces are left exposed throughout the interior There is also a rough concrete staircase connecting all the floors Horn by ThEPluS Archhitects A wooden bookshelf slots underneath the staircase at one point, making the most of the leftover space,

, As the Group of summit in Hamburg, Germany, wrapped up, Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping to talk trade and about North Korea It was the second time the two leaders have met in person, the first being the citrus summit earlier this year at Trump s Mar a Lago resort in Florida Something

Mar , Nameless Architecture adds concrete church to growing Korean town An entrance leads into the church via a ground floor lobby, from which a staircase ascends towards the chapel on the second floor Visitors have to pass through the cantilevered lobby before entering the space Nameless Architecture

, Korean firm By Seog Be Seog made oak the focus of interiors for year old Seoul restaurant Chosunoak s second location The square metre space is located on the second floor of the same building the original restaurant inhabits, and has been designed to encourage regular and new customers