external floor deck clip fastener

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In a second embodiment, the clip has a single plate which is attached to the stud A third embodiment includes a stiffening rib formed on each of two plates to improve the rigidity of the clip The saddle portion and the plates in all embodiments are secured to a respective channel and stud by a screw, rivet or the like.

In some embodiments, stand off fasteners are used for coupling the decking to the joist s upper chord inside and outside the backspan region, wherein a significant portion of each stand off fastener extends above the decking into the cementitious floor slab The features, functions, and advantages that have been discussed

The present construction system and method for constructing energy efficient multi story buildings with a plurality of standard single or mixed units utilizing A trim is also attached to the exterior surface of the utility wall A by the same fastener that holds the first clip member to the utility wall A The trim

The Roof Plate is slid down the shaft of the J bolt to the roof deck and then the nut on the shaft of the J bolt is tightened to secure the J bolt and base plate in place Current attachment systems require multiple mechanical fasteners such as lag bolts, screws or nails for each attachment point to the roof structure.

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Each bracket assembly is configured to be fastened to the exterior wall In one aspect, each bracket assembly comprises two back to back L angle brackets fastened to each other to form a generally Z shaped assembly A first end is for attachment to the wall, and a second end is for fastening to an attachment clip Preferably

A concrete floor is poured on the metal deck flush with the top of the building frame, thereby allowing the top of the wall frames to be used as a screed when the with self drilling, self tapping fasteners while allowing ready penetration by drilling screws during attachment of the interior wallboard and exterior siding.

Two different sheet metal connectors can be used to tie together the roof beams, top plate, and outside walls by fasteners driven through the connectors, around The failed attachments were at the nailing of the roof covering to the sheathing the stapling of the plywood sheathing the nailing of metal decking to the battens

The arrangement according to this embodiment is such that the outside surface of the U shaped strut member and the surface of the clip carrying the recessed rojection are coplanar When a A clip member is secured by cap screw and locking nut in abutting relation to the planar edges of the strut member .

C shaped floor joists are then attached to the web portions of the studs as shown to support floor decking material (not shown) In addition, the upper joist flange of each floor joist may be attached to the upper rim flange of the joist rim by appropriately sized fasteners such as, for example,

Some embodiments of the present invention allow for the deflection mounting clip to be set into place by metal barbs, eliminating the need for screwing the stud to the ceiling track runner, then subsequently removing the screws when the wallboard is installed A deflection clip in accordance with the present invention has a

After the nailing, the edge panels are sized e.g planed, to fit the width of the bowling lane and approach section, and then fastened to the underlying base such as, for example, a plywood base via screws, dowel rods or other known fasteners Once the panels are properly laid, they are varnished or lacquered to maintain

Watch this video to see how to make common exterior repairs, including fixing squirrel damage to eaves, replacing rotten siding, and repairing columns Danny Lipford With Allen s gauge blocks in place, they can nail the upper edge of each board so that the fasteners are hidden by the board above And with a little

A clip for aiding the attachment of plasterboard to structural columns and the like comprising a box section having a spring flap formed integrally therewith Plasterboard is more easily handled but is not easily secured to heavy steel columns and more recently these problems of fastening the plasterboard have forced

A railroad fastener assembly is provided for securing a rail in place The rail fastener assembly includes a base plate, at least two rail locator members, formed integrally with the base plate and located on opposite sides of the rail for locating the rail in position relative to the base plate, at least two clip holders formed

However, the insulation board was attached to the purlins using penetrating fasteners, such as self tapping screws This method of attaching the insulation board to the purlin is time consuming and therefore costly Also, the metal screws provide thermal conductivity through the metal purlins and metal roof decking, thereby

A building structure requiring virtually no fasteners for its assembly, composed generally of a plurality of mutually interlocking floor panels which rest upon a Preferably, the outer floor panels are not provided with an external facing groove or tongue (as shown), but this is not a requirement, as this is preferred for

A clip assembly secures standing seam skylight or roofing panels to substrates and allows for a full range of movements by the panels while eliminating or movement resulting from thermal and other forces, i.e panels rubbing against the clip assembly, against the fasteners that hold the clip assembly, and against the