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days ago This was a down to the studs renovation Work included repairing the skylight, fixing problems with the ductwork, which was not properly connected to the furnace, and adding insulation to make the bathroom warmer and more soundproof Also, the new floor has radiant heat, something much appreciated

, In this new Burlington, Vermont, guesthouse, rafters are left exposed on the exterior but are enclosed on the interior for insulation Contemporary Living Room by Flavin Architects Flavin Architects This approach brings in beautiful natural light and also serves to highlight the structure of the roof, making it

, Working with the existing terrain, built ups that contributed to the site coverage are utilised as planters for tropical fruit trees, to cool ambient temperature, and to insulate the interiors On plan, the house is a green oasis amongst the neighbourhood, of landscape decks and cascading planters framing the bio

, Cornwall Gardens by Change Architects in Singapore Working with the existing terrain, built ups that contributed to the site coverage are utilised as planters for tropical fruit trees, to cool ambient temperature, and to insulate the interiors, added the architects The rooms are arranged in a u shaped

, Great horned owls also have a thick layer of soft feathers that keep them well insulated in winter The leading edge of their primary feathers is serrated like a comb and breaks up airflow during flight This, combined with soft and fuzzy hair like fluff on their flight feathers, makes them almost silent fliers a

Mar , After the two agree on a location, the female will spend the next week (or possibly two, depending on conditions and resources) building the nest from sticks, leaves and grapevine bark, then lining it with soft insulating materials like grasses, plant stems, rootlets and pine needles She will crush the larger

, Industrial style offers an intriguing counterpoint to the natural woodland beauty just outside this Missouri art studio.

, The compression strength of studs is very high, so heavy floors can rest on walls made of by s or by s if you want more room for insulation in the wall Until a wall is sheathed with Sometimes this is hard to avoid such as with decks or the first board that sits on the foundation In these cases

, Tackle These Tasks Over a Weekend Protect pipes from freezing Why Because frozen pipes can burst, leading to costly repairs If you haven t done so yet, be sure to insulate any exposed outdoor pipes And if you re planning to be away from home, ask a friend or neighbor to turn on your water to a trickle.

, This material is more commonly associated with utilitarian structures, but Frey proved it would also be perfect for his exquisitely detailed building The interior of the roof cavity is insulated with conventional batt insulation To cover the insulation, Frey added a ceiling of perforated painted aluminum, which

, ober is the best time to plant garlic pretty much everywhere in the United States, but you don t need a garden to grow garlic The bulbs grow well when planted in wide, deep containers that are set in a nice sunny spot See More Archive Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter Archive.

, A neat little terrace of houses, these have a solid timber construction that gives excellent insulation for ladybugs and lacewings during the wintertime Contemporary This is designed specifically to attract non swarming bees like the Red Mason bee, which is non aggressive and vital to plant pollination.

, From their waterfront perch in Bend, Oregon, they sit on a deck placed above a beautiful stone ledge and watch the minks, river otters, muskrats, beavers, bald eagles, Also keeping the home cool on hot days are windows with high performance low E insulated glass, equipped with concealed shades.

, The exterior got new stucco and the entire studio has denim insulation in the ceiling and walls Before Photo Room of the Day Colorful Upcycled Art old copper still, cut it up and created a frame over the windows He also created the live edge table with a built in planter in the foreground of the photo.

, Industrial k by Mia Mortensen Photography Mia Mortensen Photography Even though the house is finished, the couple still have many projects in mind Hopefully, an upper floor will be added soon That was the whole purpose of buying the house, as it was too small from the beginning We also plan

, Done well, humble brick adds texture and character to many styles of architecture Old bricks were often handmade and have a beautiful feel New bricks can entice the colors out of your flooring and furniture Tip Don t forget to have older bricks resealed for extra insulation Use a matte sealant for a more

, Use an insulated thermos to keep hot drinks toasty, and prop up a sign to let guests know what s on tap Get this cocoa cocktail recipe Farmhouse Family Room by Gardner Architects LLC Gardner Architects LLC Bookcase wreaths Highlight your library with a row of green wreaths hung from ribbon.

, The panels help diffuse light and offer better insulation than clear glass We went with diffused light instead of views, he says Because there aren t exterior The cedar trellis roof extends to the back of the house, where a wraparound deck leads to a rolling green lawn The exterior panels are gray Hardie

, materials and edgy style amp up the cool factor in this former San Francisco manufacturing plant.

, style in this couple s fearlessly decorated square foot rental Full Story Homes Around the World Before and After Glass Partition Enhances a Parisian Studio By Agn├Ęs Carpentier A French student s apartment gets an upgrade, with a new bedroom, sound insulation and a more refined style.

, It s a bathing style that s very popular today and has been for a thousand years, Faiman says Spa like Blumer is noticing more requests for spa like activities associated with Asian style bathrooms A place to do yoga on a deck outside the bathroom, or even something as simple as a set of French doors

, A charming but poorly insulated s Philadelphia commercial building becomes a spacious energy efficient home and studio Full Story Your First House Kitchen Recipes Factory Cart Inspires a Dream Cooking Space By Mary Jo Bowling These homeowners kitchen was almost nonexistent,

, Did Sleepless in Seattle stir romantic thoughts about living in a floating house like the one Tom Hanks shares with his lovable matchmaking son It was my first introduction to the on the water lifestyle, and the idea has fascinated me ever since Whether it s a float house like the one Hanks character lives in,