deck ideas to build off an existing concrete deck

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, When Chels and I started discussing the particulars of what we wanted to do in the backyard, and researching the feasibility of building a wooden deck atop an existing cement patio, the lightbulb went off for her, and she asked me, Why couldn t you do this on the front porch, too So, I went out and

, http How to stain concrete floors The best video to learn how to acid stain a floor Lots more information, products and local contra I m barely applying any pressure and it s coming off So frustrating I ve put so many hours Did the Etcher Cleaner mess things up I ordered the

, The Backyard Before This deck was built over existing concrete steps off the back door and thus did not line up with the cement walkway that went to the garage So basically when you walked off the steps you were stepping onto grass And in the winter that was super fun because we were shoveling snow

Watch this video for tips on building a paver patio, scoring and staining a concrete patio, and choosing a lawn mower for your yard Allen Lyle showing off paver patio and outdoor paver fireplace It can be right outside your back door, it can be at the end of an existing deck, maybe out in the far corner of the grass.

, BRICKFORM show how to properly stamp concrete from start to finish BRICKFORM will go over the I saw a stamped concrete patio at a friends house and I didn t like it because it looked fake This doesn t look fake at all and the attention to detail really pulls it off nicely Thanks for demonstrating this

, These awesome RV deck designs can help keep your camper clean, create an attract outdoor living space, and increase the overall enjoyment of They are best suited for ground level or low level decks that will be no more than foot off the ground (you can use them for higher builds if the blocks are

, Laying Out the DIY Concrete Patio Design Here is the first edge that I defined when We built the garden boxes We used deck screws and stakes to hold in this form that the garden boxes sat on It drops from the house, to give drop We didn t want any chance of water flooding in the house

, Now that you have seen our prep work for the DIY concrete patio, we wanted to show you how we mixed, poured and finished the patio Also, in case you didn t see the plans for the backyard or the raised garden boxes, just follow these links We had to reinforce it on one side because it was so old.

Watch this video to for step by step instructions on how to repair and resurface concrete steps on your home The acrylic fortifier improves bonding to existing surfaces, so this repair will last As it hardens, he s It s also a good idea to remove the masking before it dries, so there s no chipping when it comes off Danny All