using real cedar for soffits and fascia

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, Carpenter bees have been known to not only be a nuisance, but also cause tremendous amounts of damage to wooden structures such as wooden soffit and fascia, siding, decks, doors, windowsills, roof eaves, shingles, and railings Because of the obvious risks associated with treating carpenter bee holes

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When those tons and tons of concrete start going into the hole, the forms are what separates the foundation from a real mess They also become The guys are using a rough sawn cedar plywood for the soffits, rough sawn cedar one by tens for the freeze boards, and rough sewn one by fours for the fascia board Even the

winning curb appeal after with siding of cedar boards mean to look like hand cut stone View as Now we think the house has real rustic charm Who did the There was rot everywherethe roof deck boards the rafter tails the fascia, soffit, cornice, and siding and the mud sill beams at all downspouts The hardest part

, The open eaves in old houses are another thing that often get covered up and turned into what appear to be vented aluminum soffits These soffits are very easy to remove Each panel is attached with a couple small nails to the sides of the J channel I honestly just get the first one off, and using the claw

, Don t put holes in your wood your fascia, your soffits, or your shingles Each hole can cause thousands of dollars of damage down the road Now let s talk safest lighting practices Yes, it s okay to use gutter clips Be careful to string the lights outside the gutter, or at least above it take care and do not lean

, Case in point This rustic modern time capsule house perched above Lake Michigan was designed by Midwest architects Keck Keck to blend unpretentiously into its woodsy lakeside The horizontal board and batten siding is unusual and the soffits and fascia look like they need some work.

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The laration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and By Laws are the governing documents of the Association The building must match the house in design, including roof design, roof pitch, roofing material and color, gutters and fascia board, soffit detailing, siding, windows and paint

, Not only that but LP SmartSide gives the authentic look of real wood grain that s factory primed, with the durability to withstand cupping and warping unlike traditional wood products And it is so easy to cedar shakes The trim work will be done using x x thin trim fascia and x x soffit.

, He took out a permit to build this home with its cedar post foundation, and hired William B Ziemann, also a carpenter, as the builder The soffits, fascia and trim are all just a little more substantial than absolutely necessary, and the roofline on the north of the home shows an adventurous asymmetry that

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