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, No longer do bronzed couples on day world cruises spend lazy hours on sunbeds or enjoy unhurried moonlit strolls around the teak deck As the Middle Eastern sun beats down on her, the QE is silent Four years ago the last of her nine engines the largest marine units ever built, each the size of a

, hola comrades this is a super quick one and i m hoping it ll make the rounds and reach you linguists, non english speakers, and other geeky academic types who know about these things these were a couple of the comments that came back from the last round

, I previously talked about holding tanks and what size is reasonable for actually living on a boat Head is but with an extra urine container, our AirHead was , the C Head was and of that was because we ordered a teak looking one The head is vented to an on deck mushroom vent.

, Refuse was stored on the lowest of the Ark s three decks, humans and clean beasts on the second, and the unclean animals and birds on the top Noah was in doubt as to what shape to make the Ark, and that Allah revealed to him that it was to be modeled after a bird s belly and fashioned of teak wood.

, Commissioned to overhaul an s Brooklyn brownstone for a Swedish American family of four, architects Solveig Fernlund (who also happens to be Swedish) and Neil Logan masterfully turned it into a house with dual citizenship They tackled the five storieseach feet wide, approximately

, Speaking of Putin, that Russian Carrier Task Force steaming thru the NAtlantic is being shadowed by ships from the British Navy Does Britain still have a Navy Yes, and on the mess decks I understand you can enjoy petty good Halal chow The Russians seem to be bringing some serious firepower into

The five star hotel yacht is part of a new breed of yacht hotels which have been dotted over the world Their London version enjoys a privileged position moored in the Docklands just across from the ExCel London convention centre High tech and high spec, Sunborn has impossibly sleek exteriors and interiors which are

, The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) says decking on luxury yachts made in the UK have illegal wood on them EU rules dictate that point of If the companies are unable to source legally traded Burmese teak, then they must make use of readily available legal alternatives. Last year, a Dutch

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Cabin interior of the Road To Mandalay boat [photo credit Kevin Revolinski] On board facilities include a piano bar, a lecture activity room with audiovisual equipment, a small library in a sun filled room at the prow, and a massage room and fitness center further aft The top deck has two canopied sections with lounge

, In Part of his analysis of the Golden Globe Race, Colin examines the boats selected, cost of refits, and most importantly, how that relates to realistic budgets for cruisers The teak decks were removed and replaced with simple non slip surfaces, but few major structural modifications were carried out.

, An alternative for a non coded boat is to install wave breaks around the hatches that will stop solid water getting to the seals The first time I ever saw these employed was on a s wooden racer, where they had been made in beautifully chamfered teak, which didn t only reduce the chance of leaks but

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, Jaguar Cars consulted with a yacht design specialist and a bespoke design project management company throughout the development of the Concept Speedboat The Concept Speedboat has a gel coat fibreglass hull finished on top with a natural teak decking This is split by a carbon fibre fin, inspired

Building a windvane yourself is possible, but that usually requires welding and access to a machine shop The alternative self steering systems can be just as reliable, and they also help to cultivate an enhanced understanding of sail trim, sail balance, and the forces that are at work as your boat moves through the water.

, The finest materials available Port Orford Cedar, air dried teak, epoxy and silicone bronze everywhere in place of crevice corrosion stainless steel have a completely different life expectancy than a production boat with a balsa core deck and polyester resin glass like the majority of the boats approved for

The route took us on an alternative journey through the bay, separate from all the other boats on our first day after leaving port we didn t see another boat until we Our junk, although you could hardly call it a junk with its teak panelling, crisp cotton tablecloths and ornate decoration, was The Dragon s Pearl (below)

, In the lead up to the World Cup England s rugby players have been given a long list of social media guidelines Players have I suppose he deserves the match at a stretch, but for mine what needs to be stamped out of the game is the soccer like tactics of flapping around like a fish on the deck of a boat.

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, Modern k by Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC Lynn Gaffney Architect, PLLC Let the views inspire you This modern trellis in New York s Chelsea neighborhood was inspired by the surrounding industrial water towers Look around you for ideas from your own cityscape You may see a detail to bring into

, Recommended by a UK reader I d never heard of one before Uses charcoal Stays cool on the outside Versatile, easy to use, easy to light, easy to clean the best tho is the fact that for It sits on the teak deck leaving no marks or stains (but we do put a newspaper underneath it for any grease spillages).