composite outdoor living wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

, Learn more about saving money with these top ten green technologies Made from recycled plastic, the surface looks natural and makes excellent outdoor flooring as well If you want to be even While they may seem like the green standard, solar panels are by far the biggest asset to any green home.

, In the opening webisode of our Outdoor Living At Its Best web series, we go over the plans for the project with the designer, Catherine Arensberg New V groove ceiling material is installed on the patio, and the brick mason reworks the curvature of the retaining wall Don t miss Outdoor Living At It Best

, It all comes together in the fourth and final webisode of our Outdoor Living At Its Best web series So I decided to remove it completely and build a proper roof system that is architecturally correct for the house That took more time, more labor and more money but we did it the right way Now we re in the

, Each Hover House hovers over the ground floor creating a protected outdoor living space, thus reducing materials needed, but never at the sacrifice of which materials had less embodied energy, and the decision was made to use man made slate panels, exposed concrete walls and radiant hydronic

Watch this video to see how to make common exterior repairs, including fixing squirrel damage to eaves, replacing rotten siding, and repairing columns You know, you have vegetation growing up on it or either you have irrigation system hitting it Chelsea Lipford Wolf Yeah That doesn t look that bad Danny Lipford

Watch this video to see how we added an interior dividing wall to a master bedroom and turned the extra space into a closet and kitchen pantry Danny Lipford How do you make more space for living and storage without adding on or decreasing the home s value This week, Today s This is part of a whole system.