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, Don t overlook placing a flowering bed in a less likely areas, such as outside a front yard fence, along a driveway, flanking one side of a swimming Start by choosing plants that have the same basic needs for sunlight, water and soil, such as the drought tolerant sun lovers in this Mediterranean inspired

Mar , Where it will grow Hardy to degrees Fahrenheit (USDA zone find your zone) Water requirement Low, but it looks best with supplemental water Light requirement Full sun to light shade Mature size feet tall and feet wide Benefits and tolerances Drought tolerant once established, but does best

, We ve put together a gallery of of the hottest outdoor fire pit ideas for you that add a high end look to your yard, regardless of budget Glass is heat resistant and adds an interesting, ice like design element to your fire pit The newest fire pits combine the design elements of fire and water together.

, When observing gaura (Gaura lindheimeri) for the first time, people are immediately struck by the way that its flowers look like small butterflies floating on a cloud over dark green foliage Don t let its delicate appearance fool you this Texas native is easy to grow and drought tolerant, and isn t fussy with its

, See how to design with sightlines by directing the eye with hedges, vistas and focal points Emphasizing a sightline from inside the house to outside works for small gardens and apartments as well and can help these spaces feel larger For tight city You can do the same with walls, hedges or fences.

, One or several of these ingredients may play a role in your fence design, but above all, the fence should fit with its environs Tell us Have you incorporated any of these features into you garden Show us in the Comments More Great Garden Combo Wonderful Plants for a Deer Resistant Screen

, These patios from around the country reveal that while there is no one way to design a patio, resilient materials, comfortable gathering spaces and details Retractable shade covers, Douglas fir fencing and a custom water feature enclose the exposed space, masking the sound of passing traffic and

, Because the patch is narrow, water can easily run off before it soaks into the soil, and maintaining an area farther out from your home is probably not the most fun garden task In addition, the soil can easily become compacted from foot traffic But don t be discouraged informed is forearmed! Before you

, When we think of drought tolerant, or xeriscape, design, typically Mediterranean and Southwestern style homes and gardens come to mind That s because since the dawn of gardening, those climates have always required water efficient plants and trees Farmhouse Exterior by Arcanum Architecture.

, Water requirement Moderate Mature size to inches tall Modern Landscape by BuenoLuna Landscape Design BuenoLuna Landscape Design Kinnikinnick (Arctostaphylos uva ursi) Most of the deer resistant, noninvasive ground covers are shade lovers, but here is an option for sun Kinnikinnick

, Benefits and tolerances Low maintenance, disease resistant, thornless rose that blooms in spring When to plant Plant from cuttings or transplants in spring or fall Shown A single Lady Banks rosebush growing in an Arizona garden Mediterranean Patio by Urban Oasis Urban Oasis Distinguishing traits

, by Lakewood Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Benefits and tolerances Performs well in full sun to half a day of sun resistant to deer and rabbits drought tolerant once established Here, Golden Pacific nicely contrasts the upright variegated Japanese water iris (Iris ensata Variegata , zones to ).

, Water requirement Low water twice a month in summer to promote leafing out In winter water every two months for the best appearance Light requirement Full sun Mature size feet wide and feet tall Benefits and tolerances Drought tolerant once established attracts hummingbirds when in flower

, Because minimalist design is about restriction, especially in the use of color within the overall design, the choice of what is used be it fencing, walls or hedges Contemporary Patio Contemporary Courtyard This simple water feature, with an almost industrial feel, is made of board formed concrete.

, Wind accelerates over large expanses, like big bodies of water As it encounters If you live in a coastal area with sand fences, check their angle because they are typically situated perpendicular to the direction of prevailing winds Contemporary Patio by Exterior Worlds Landscaping Design Exterior

, Even mostly see through fences, such as you might see around a pool area, are still very much a part of the landscape design (hence the term To minimize the chance of these types of damage, almost all wood fences are made out of weather and insect resistant woods, such as Pressure Treated

Mar , If you have the space and your soil infiltration rate is good, then you can sink water directly into the ground as the third step following the slow it and spread it ideas covered earlier One of the easiest ways to improve infiltration at the surface of your outdoor spaces is to work permeable materials into